The Arts Bank is a beautiful space, built to celebrate and honor black history and achievement. While we try to extend every consideration to individuals and groups wishing to photograph at Stony Island Arts Bank, these activities must not interfere with normal operations or compromise the safety of the building, guests, or SIAB’s collections. Personal, informal, non-commercial photography is allowed throughout SIAB with a cellular phone or handheld camera ONLY, flash photography is not permitted. In certain spaces, including the Johnson Library, personal photography is limited in an effort to uphold the mission of Rebuild Foundation and how the spaces are honored and experienced. Guests engaging in personal photography may NOT touch or move artwork, furniture, or collection items. Any guests that do so may be asked to exit the premises.


The Johnson Library is a sacred space, holding a special collection of books from the research library of Johnson Publishing Company, including full volumes of Ebony and Jet magazines. While most archives are held out of public view, this space was built as a monument to black history, and is an art piece in itself. We hold this space in reverence, and expect visitors to honor its significance. Guests coming to the Bank to take photographs in the Johnson library should take note of the library’s meaning, and engage respectfully. We ask that all guests limit their photos in the space to no more than three, and ensure they are not disrupting other visitors. Extensive photo shoots consisting of multiple poses, outfit changes, props, etc., even for personal use, are not permitted in the Johnson Library during public hours. Guests may be asked to cease photography at any time if Rebuild Foundation staff deem it excessive, and asked to schedule a private photo shoot at a later date. For the protection of the space and its special collections, the library is not always open during public hours. If you want to come to the Bank to view the Johnson Library, we recommend attending a public tour.


Private photography and videography shoots can be scheduled outside of public operating hours at a fee, based upon availability and approval. You can read our full policy here, and submit a request to set up a photo shoot below. Due to high demand, we are unable to accommodate all requests. We will reach out if your request is approved to schedule your shoot and arrange logistics.