Hyde Park Art House

Located at
1415 Mallinckrodt Street in St Louis, Hyde Park Art House offers
multi-generational programming and partners with local artists and organizations
to connect the arts in the Hyde Park community with that of the larger St.
Louis art scene. Art House
hosts art making, literary, music and film programs, bringing artists and
educators from around the city together with Hyde Park residents for
after-school classes, open studio time, textile, woodworking and other art
workshops, community conversations, music gatherings, food celebrations and
more. Rebuild will soon begin renovation of the adjacent residential property, creating
additional programming and gathering space for the neighborhood.

Photos 1-6 by Mike Sinclair; photo 7 by Patrick Fuller

Pagedale Pink House

Located at 1545
Salerno Drive, Pink House is an innovative collaboration with St. Louis social
agency, Beyond Housing, that activates a residential space
with Rebuild’s model of community-driven arts and cultural
programming. Pink House uses the arts as a vehicle to create connectedness, making
spaces for casual conversation, art-making and interaction between residents.
Pink House is a gem of its neighborhood, providing opportunities where
professional artists support neighbors in developing their own arts-based
programming, curricula and art-making skills. From youth programming to adult
classes and family gatherings, Pink House offers a mix of visual, literary,
film, food, music and other cultural programming for its neighbors throughout
the Pagedale community. 

Photos by Patrick Fuller


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