Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative

The Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative (DA+HC) is a rehabilitated public housing project, a block of 32 townhomes that provides housing for artists and community members with the intent of fostering dialogue and collaboration between both groups. The DA+HC is mixed income housing and features an even distribution of artist, public, affordable rate, and market rate housing. Originally conceived in 2011, the project was spearheaded by the Rebuild Foundation in partnership with the Chicago Housing Authority, Brinshore Development, and Landon Bone Baker Architects. In addition to housing units, the project features a new arts center complete with a spring-loaded dance studio as well as a public meeting space and community garden. DA+HC functions as a hub for programs like Coffee, Tea, and Chat, a gathering of neighborhood residents who convene weekly to discuss ways to improve the Greater Grand Crossing area.

The Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative is ADA accessible.

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DATELINE: Bronzeville

In the first half of the 20th century, Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood was known as the Black Metropolis, alive with vibrant Black culture and business that flourished during the Great Migration. Highlighting this historical moment, multimedia artist Philip Mallory Jones has developed a first person mystery video game, “DATELINE: Bronzeville,” set in 1940 based on oral…

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Onye Ozuzu

“Project Tool” is a dance performance installation in which Onye will build a collection of sprung wood dance floors. What is learned physically, emotionally, and conceptually in the process of building will become the material that is used to craft the performance. This project stems from Ozuzu’s fascination with the inter-relationships between body, task, and… Learn More