Black Cinema House

Black Cinema House hosts screenings and discussions of films by and about Black people and the issues shaping our lives. BCH also offers community video classes for youth and adults, encouraging our neighbors to explore their creativity, tell their own stories, and develop the skills to shape their own media images. BCH welcomes a diverse range of audiences, film artists, experts, enthusiasts, and collaborating organizations to engage in lively conversation about the past, present and future of moving images.

Black Cinema House has evolved from outdoor screenings in the backyard behind Archive and Listening Houses on Dorchester Avenue, to a dedicated indoor space across the street, to a large screening room housed in a former Anheuser-Busch distribution facility. In 2016, Black Cinema House programming expanded to sites across the South Side, including BING Art Books and the Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative.

Headquartered now at the Stony Island Arts Bank, Black Cinema House programs span the spectrum from fiction to documentary to experimental, from silent classics to new works.


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Pioneers of African-American Cinema

Black Cinema House presents selected films from the Pioneers of African-American Cinema collection in the Glass Lantern Slides Room. Among the most fascinating chapters of film history is that of the so-called “race films” that flourished in the 1920s-40s. Unlike the “black cast” films produced within the Hollywood studio system, these films not only starred…

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Black Cinema House: A Year in Review

Avery LaFlamme, BCH Program Assistant — As the year comes to a close, I hope everyone can look back and remember some of the best moments of the past months and get ready to take on a new year of new uncertainties, and new opportunities. Black Cinema House was blessed this year to get to… Learn More

Moonlight, Honeytrap and Intimacy

Avery LaFlamme, BCH Program Assistant — ** SPOILER ALERT: This post will discuss narrative details of the film Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins and the film Honeytrap directed by Rebecca Johnson. Both films are fantastic and worth seeing, so don’t let this post ruin a chance to discover these films on your own** After our… Learn More

Artist Statement: Ifeoma Nkemdi

Black Narcise: Love and Failing is a reflection of moments encountered. Taking bits and pieces, deconstructing and constructing… Playing with my memory. How do these moments participate with the image I have of myself? How does what others do and say affect my own sense of self and otherness.   It also is a quest… Learn More

Black Cinema House at the Bank

To close the year out strong, and to get ready for another exciting year for BCH, we have been invited to join the other fantastic programming happening at Stony Island Arts Bank. For the foreseeable future, Black Cinema House will be headquartered at Stony Island and 68th Street. As a library and a gallery, the… Learn More