Black Cinema House

Black Cinema House hosts screenings and discussions of films by and about Black people and the issues shaping our lives. BCH also offers community video classes for youth and adults, encouraging our neighbors to explore their creativity, tell their own stories, and develop the skills to shape their own media images. Curated by film scholar Jacqueline Najuma Stewart, BCH welcomes a diverse range of audiences, film artists, experts, enthusiasts, and collaborating organizations to engage in lively conversation about the past, present and future of moving images.

Black Cinema House has evolved from outdoor screenings in the backyard behind Archive and Listening Houses on Dorchester Avenue, to a dedicated indoor space across the street, to a large screening room housed in a former Anheuser-Busch distribution facility.. In 2016, Black Cinema House programming expanded to sites across the South Side, including BING Art Books and the Stony Island Arts Bank.

Headquartered now at the Arts Bank, Black Cinema House programs span the spectrum from fiction to documentary to experimental, from silent classics to new works. Additionally, BCH@TheBank is daily series of video screenings open to Bank visitors, ranging from acclaimed pieces by accomplished artists to fresh new voices from the neighborhood. BCH also offers monthly screenings of local amateur films in partnership with the South Side Home Movie Project.


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Boycott and a Boombox: Do the Right Thing at BING

For the month of July, Black Cinema House hosted a series of screenings at BING Art Books on Garfield called Summer of Spike. With a line-up of four films, we looked at several moments in the career of Spike Lee, a longtime Knicks season ticket holder and a filmmaker known for his bold depictions of… Learn More

Chelsea Williams On…’On the Beat’ & ‘Lady Sing the Blues’

This past week, Darren and I began teaching the youth workshop on film and music videos. The form of the class so far has been to show our students videos we think they would gain something from in analyzing their technique, then discuss how they will use those techniques in the videos they will be… Learn More

Chelsea Williams On…Creating for Your Screen

Hey everybody, It’s Chelsea. July has been a great month for Black Cinema House. And as my first completed month as an intern it has been a great ride learning about the ins and outs of this organization. Last Thursday we finished the Spike Lee series with ‘Jungle Fever’. And we have a lot to… Learn More

BCH Summer Intern: Chelsea Williams

Hey, name is Chelsea and I’m the Black Cinema House (BCH) intern this summer for the Rebuild Foundation. Before my time at Rebuild, though I had been by the Bank and was familiar with the organization, I, like other people, wasn’t fully acclimated with the Rebuild model yet. But in the first couple weeks of… Learn More