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BING explores and implements a model of rotating book collections fueled by acquisition opportunities and donations. The space offers titles for sale ranging from extremely scarce museum exhibition catalogues and limited editions of artists books from small presses to well-known artist monographs. BING also offers a strong selection of books on photography, architecture, design, and more.

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Derrick Adams, Future People

Future People, a solo exhibition by Derrick Adams, is a multifaceted experience combining large scale two dimensional works on paper mimicking spaceship windows with galactic scenes, a video projection animating the objects included in the collages, sculpture installation referencing a space station control center, with an added live DJ set component featured opening night and…

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Amina Ross

Interested in the ways in which the concept of beauty functions within James Barnor’s work, Amina Ross is using the Arts Bank’s Johnson Publishing Company library and reflections on the theme of beauty, collected from Rebuild’s guests and community, to be featured as text-bearing garments. Additionally, Amina will be leading a two part workshop series,… Learn More

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Introducing: Southside Teen Poet Ambassadors Program

The Rebuild Foundation is piloting its first ever Southside Teen Poet Ambassadors Program, a program designed to cultivate a cohort of six disciplined, ambitious high school poets for a six-month ambassadorship from January-June 2018. Using the Stony Island Arts Bank as their home base, the Southside Teen Poet Ambassadors will write and critique extensively within… Learn More

Victoria Martinez: A Glorious Studio Visit in Little Village

Last week, we visited the studio of Victoria Martinez- an interdisciplinary artist that makes mixed media ephemeral (meaning not long-lasting) collages and oh! what a lasting impression she made!   Our studio visit group this month included Ken Stewart, CEO of Rebuild Foundation, Victor Ivy, a Greater Grand Crossing graphic artist and community member and me-… Learn More

Rebuild Foundation Community Cataloguing Workship

Since July 1st, Rebuild Foundation staff and neighborhood volunteers have been meeting every Wednesday and Saturday at Black Cinema House from 10am to noon, to catalogue the Johnson Publishing Company library. During this workshop series, there have been diverse activities for those who have come join and help with the organization of the books. Volunteers… Learn More