Archive House

The Archive House is located next-door to the Listening House and serves as a gallery, micro library, community nexus, and one-time administrative hub for Rebuild Foundation. The Archive House is currently home to a portion of the remaining stock of the now-closed Prairie Avenue Bookshop and the University of Chicago glass lantern slide collection. Along with the albums acquired from the now-closed Dr. Wax Records and the Johnson Publishing Library, these collections, which are maintained as complete bodies of work, provide egalitarian access to knowledge and prompt questions about what it means to have world-class archives on the South Side of Chicago.

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Méthode Room: le peuple qui manque

Le Peuple Qui Manque is a Paris-based art curatorial platform created by Kantuta Quiros and Aliocha Imhoff. They join Rebuild Foundation in Chicago as part of Rebuild’s Méthode Room residency program.

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Jinn Bronwen Lee

Jinn Bronwen Lee lives and works in Chicago. In her new series of works, Lee thinks through elliptical and ovoid paintings, which focuses on various modes of blindness and tension between duration and location, between a kind of time which always eludes one’s grasp and a kind of space with no actual place. Her paintings… Learn More