Stacy Patrice


Stacy Patrice is a yogini and multidimensional spiritual awakener specializing in stimulating the Soul into this human experience by blending community based ritual, intuitive intelligence and bodymind engagement into a fluid balance that she named Soul Healing Synergy™. Stacy creates and curates customized healing offerings to activate connected awareness between physical, emotional, spiritual and transpersonal states restoring intuitive wisdom as guidance system. Stacy's delivery meets individuals, businesses and organizations who are forging a conscious path by guiding their transformation in authentic leadership from the inside out.

Stacy has primarily based her soulcentric offerings in Chicago and has been invited into organized circles to present and facilitate powerful journeys as a trusted consultant, divine deliverer and tastemaker for internal sessions where balance and connection are honored. Stacy has tirelessly created and facilitated a salubrious series of special events, sacred celebrations and guided sessions in Soul Healing to provide continuity for natural communities interested in fully empowering their unique signature. Stacy is also the author of SOULFLOW: A Soul Healing Workbook for Clearing, Creating and Getting Through and intuits offerings from maintaining interconnection in her personal journey.

Stacy's intention to continue facilitating and learning globally is enlivened by her desire to heal, attune and connect natural communities and formed tribes with the magnitude of their soul power, in order to emphasize authentic diversity as the healing outcome. Stacy is currently deepening the impact of Soul Healing Synergy™ by delivering new additions in live activations and media customized for key communities, while reinforcing divine alignment with her soul purpose, to guide, reveal and heal solo and in conscious collaboration with like-minded global light leaders.


As Rebuild Foundation’s wellness practitioner in residence, Stacy views creative expression as key to a full and healthy life. Her special Soul Healing Yoga programs create space for healing, build community, and regenerate spirit.

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