Maggie Brown


Maggie Brown is a vocalist, music producer, and also a storyteller. I consider myself a concerned cultural artist, intentionally seeking to influence my audience, using the transformative and unifying power of words and music.

It is my intention to inspire a greater sense of responsibility for the positive outcome of our future.


Maggie Brown embarks on creating a stage piece that would “edutain” the audience with music and dramatic reflection on the history & evolution of African American music. The show is called “LEGACY: Our Wealth of Music.” It is the vehicle of song, narration and a demonstration of love for a wide range of music styles.  Having formed TLC in 1997, Brown has enjoyed many seasons performing LEGACY in front of a wide range of audiences. Now she finds it natural to improvise and feel-out the audience-tailoring the show for the group at hand. LEGACY is up-beat, interactive, intelligence-building entertainment benefitting all ages. The show is performed one-woman style or with a live band accompanying the sixty minute, soul inspiring journey into a slice of American history.

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