Coultrain is a folklore. One of a man, or men - 
simply not of these times; as much a storyteller as he is 
a story, himself, still unfolding; 
the man takes many forms. First, there is AARON MICHAEL FRISON, an estranged poet of whom not much is known -
who, although his work is deeply personal, his own life story has been told best 
by the found letters of his lovers past, or through its most famous interpretations by COULTRAIN - a St. Louis blues & soul man who would come to carve his young niche in the world by singing his unconventional tales over not so "standard" jazz pieces. These early puzzle pieces would later open the opportunity for the young squire to leave his Missourian home; inviting him to travel the world over as a “Platinum Pied Piper,” then to teleport throughout space as a “Hawthorne Headhunter.” 
But all along this journey, 
in the shadows, loomed one SEYMOUR LIBERTY - a strange, ever-evolving character that Aaron had created, 
but only Train could bring to life. Their story began with the simply-titled, The Adventures Of Seymour Liberty (2008), followed by “The Wanderer” b/w “Balancing Act,” (2010) 
leading to the tumultuous follow-up, GodMustBeABoogieMan (2010/11). The last chapter entitled The Side Effex of Make-Believe, is the story of a self induced widow


Coultrain is a 2016 artist-in-residence with Rebuild, splitting his time between the Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative, where he teaches a bi-weekly art workshop, and the Stony Island Arts Bank, where he performs every Thursday night at 7:30.

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