Alexandria Eregbu


Alexandria Eregbu is a conceptual artist and disciplinary deviant. Her practice often takes shape in the form of maker, performer, curator, educator, and programmer. Her work tends to insert itself at the axis of personal experience and myth— usually reliant upon the collection of familial artifacts, material culture, and an attentiveness to current and historical events. Eregbu has been featured in a range of exhibitions including Weinberg/Newton Gallery, Roots & Culture, the Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL; Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI; Distillery Gallery in Boston, MA; and Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. She was a recipient of the Propeller Fund Grant (2013), the DCASE IAP Grant (2015) and has held numerous fellowships as both curator and artist. Most recently Eregbu was highlighted in Time Out Chicago (2016) and listed in Newcity’s Breakout Artists: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers (2015). Eregbu is a current Resident Artist and Curatorial Fellow with ACRE. She received her BFA from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago.


Alexandria Eregbu is exploring narrative and collage-making processes by creating an audio mixtape featuring conversations with a variety of guests, inspired by curated “talking pieces”, objects from the Arts Bank archives and collections along with the artist’s personal collection. The project will also include Alexandria’s sister, artist Erin Eregbu, as singer and composer.

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