Duane Powell

Duane brings the spirit in with his distinct mixes of house, soul, and disco, and the lounge becomes a sanctuary for neighbors and visitors of all ages needing to break free. It’s fitting that Duane sometimes spins Frankie Knuckles tunes, because for brief periods on certain Sundays, he recreates that magical warehouse vibe on the… Learn More

Jenn Freeman

Chicago-based performance artist Jenn Freeman | Po’Chop uses elements of dance, storytelling, and striptease to create performances and inspire students and collaborators across the country. Po’Chop has performed at the Brooklyn Museum in Brown Girls Burlesque’s Bodyspeak, and headlined shows in New Orleans, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Louis and New York. Po’Chop is a Board… Learn More

Stacy Patrice

As Rebuild Foundation’s wellness practitioner in residence, Stacy views creative expression as key to a full and healthy life. Her special Soul Healing Yoga programs create space for healing, build community, and regenerate spirit.

AACM Great Black Music Ensemble Conducted by Ernest Dawkins

As a premier performing group of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Inc. (AACM), Great Black Music Ensemble features some of Chicago’s most visionary artists of improvisation and creative music. Led by famed saxophonist Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, the AACM Great Black Music Ensemble performs the first Sunday of each month from 5pm-7pm at… Learn More