Basic Sewing & Design Workshop #1 at Dorchester Projects

This is a guest post by Savannah Wood

June 1 marked the first day of Rebuild Foundation’s Sewing/Textile Arts Program. This class teaches middle- and high-school aged students basic sewing and design skills, focusing on embellishment and reworking existing garments, while fostering conversations about personal style.

In our first session at Dorchester Projects, we created collaged notebooks using Internet-sourced images. We then talked about why we were drawn to the photos we chose, citing hairstyles, postures, outfits and overall attitude. This led to a discussion about self-representation where we identified key aspects that define our own style: classy, sparkly, matchy, and my favorite response: “wild and cute!”

To wrap the class up, I introduced the 8-head figure, a drawing tool used to keep clothing designs in proportion, and a tool we’ll come back to in future classes.

Basic sewing and design workshops will continue to take place every other Saturday at 6916 S. Dorchester. The next one will be this coming Saturday, June 15 at 11:00am. See our listing of programs and events here for more information.

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