Tricontinental ’66 and Other Acts of Liberation

Tricontinental ‘66 And Other Acts of Liberation is a multi-disciplinary instigation produced by HotHouse with the support of the Rebuild Foundation, Chicago Filmmakers and CASA O.S.P.A.A.A.L. (Organización de Solidaridad con los Pueblos de Asia, África y América Latina).

Tricontinental OSPAAAL poster by Faustino Pérez, 1977.
Tricontinental OSPAAAL poster by Faustino Pérez, 1977.

The intent of this project is to create a provocation examining acts of liberation from imperialism/s and colonialism/s through multiple avenues of creative expression both contemporary and from the revolutionary era of the 1960’s and ’70’s.

The historical artifacts come from a time when many of the world’s non-aligned movements came together to challenge empire, here and notably in the 1966 Tricontinental Conference in Havana, Cuba.  The meeting in Havana and the speech there by Amilcar Cabral inspired Cuba’s subsequent military involvement in S.W. Africa and ultimately led to the defeat of the apartheid regime in Pretoria and the liberation of Angola and Namibia. The significance of these events have been popularized in people’s cultural expression and are here reemphasized and contextualized anew through film, music, discussions and the graphic arts.

The project features a rare exhibition of posters produced by and with the cooperation of Cuba’s Casa OSPAAAL. The display of the original posters and original copies of the Tricontinental Journals (which were contributed to the exhibit from CASA OSPAAAL ) continues to give amplification and inspiration to aspirations of third world liberation movements and similar campaigns within in the US.


Day of Solidarity with the Afro American People, Daysi Garcia, 1968

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