Méthode Room: Xavier Wrona

Rebuild Foundation was pleased to welcome Xavier Wrona as an Architect-in-Residence as part of the Méthode Room residency program. Wrona’s project, the first in the Méthode Room series, featured the exhibition Georges Bataille, Architecture, Chicago and World Order – An Essay on General Economy at Rebuild’s Archive House and the launch of an architecture TV channel.

A practicing architect and associate professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Etienne, Wrona has long been interested in the connection between architecture and social justice. His exhibition will explore French intellectual Georges Bataille’s definition of architecture as a tool through which an ideologically dominant order manifests itself in space and time. Balancing theory with practice, Wrona’s goal is to “Move away from this theoretical edifice…to get back into a less theoretical, closer contact to reality. I wish to be able to talk with people of the South Side…to be able to engage, discuss, debate.”

For the latest episodes of After the Revolution, Wrona’s architecture television show, please click here.

The Mèthode Room is made possible by the support of Guillaume Désanges, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and the Institut français.

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