House in the Afternoon: Films

In conjunction with the Frankie Knuckles Shrine created by Theaster Gates in tribute to the legendary godfather of House, Black Cinema House presents selected excerpts of films and home movies collected by our partners in the Gallery of the Stony Island Arts Bank:

Chicago Film Archives
• Excerpts from the Don McIlvaine Collection
Chicago artist and muralist Don McIlvaine (1930-2005) was known for his large-scale street paintings of everyday struggles. McIlvaine was the second director of the North Lawndale-based art gallery Art & Soul from 1969 to 1970. The gallery, which ran from 1968 to 1972, was a collaborative project between the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Conservative Vice Lords. His home movies include documentation of their artistic projects and collaborations, and footage of his family and friends celebrating and dancing, as seen here.

• Excerpts from The Corner (Robert Ford,1963)
An unprecedented perspective on one of Chicago’s most notorious street gangs, the Vice Lords. Made over the course of seven months in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood—specifically the corner of Lake Street and Homan Avenue on Chicago’s West Side—The Corner captures the raw energy and grit of urban city life and the kids who call this street corner home.

South Side Home Movie Project
This historical, family footage has been culled from the collections of ten donor families to celebrate black life, black culture and black rhythm from the early 1940’s to the late 1960’s. The collections included in this compilation are:

The Lynette Frazier Collection, The Phillip Maxwell Sr. Collection, The Ellis McClelland Collection, The Carolyn Merrifield Collection, The Nicholas Osborn Collection, The Dr. Homer Nash Jr. Collection, The Jean Patton Collection, The Dr. George Reed Collection, and The Leroy Roberson Collection.

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