Mikel Patrick Avery + Coultrain

Rebuild’s musicians-in-residence, Mikel Patrick Avery and Coultrain, perform back-to-back.   Avery, a jazz drummer, is recognized for his orchestral and melodic style, often incorporating the use of ‘non-musical’ objects into improvisational performances.   Coultrain, a poet; singer, songwriter; and multi-instrumentalist, is known for bringing deep, dark, love through his somber but intriguing soulful music.

Incantations with the Sunset Society

Leave your woes at the door and let your week melt away to a ceremonious drumbeat lead by Coultrain. Begin the weekend cleansed by local DJs and artists inspired by the Frankie Knuckles record collection. Curated by our musician-in-residence, Coultrain, Incantations with the Sunset Society will offer a new platform for the legacy of house… Learn More

Choir Rehearsal

Explore new ways of constructing music and performing for live audiences at Choir Rehearsal. Choir members will be asked to do things that are slightly unorthodox relative to other gospel or community choirs. Under the leadership of Theaster Gates, Yaw Agyeman and Mikel Patrick Avery, this Choir promises to create new ways of considering black… Learn More


Since 2013 The Bridge has been a vibrant cultural exchange project that has seen avant garde jazz improvisors from France and Chicago collaborate, explore, and discover on both sides of the Atlantic. Khari B. (spoken word) Magic Malik (flute, voc) Guillaume Orti (saxes) Jeb Bishop (trombone) Fred BBriet (b) + Doug Fogelson(projections) Mission Statement Jazz… Learn More

Work on the Sabbath

Experience the soulful music of artist Harold Green lll, Guitarist Larry Brown Jr., and Mr. Jay Too, as we explore topics of life over food. Curated by Agyeman, Work on the Sabbath creates a platform for artists and neighbors to come together, break bread, and build community. Harold Green III Spoken Word Artist, Lyricist, Motivational… Learn More

Cinema as Rhythm and Poetry

Taught by Rebuild’s Darren Wallace, this free course features less an emphasis on formal cinematic grammar but rather developing participants’ own filmic language to articulate their stories and document their community. Though the basics of visual composition are introduced, participants will engage in experimental, guerrilla, as well as traditional studio filmmaking practices in adapting their… Learn More