Class: Cinema Scene Study

Cinema Scene Study, a free weekly course offered by Black Cinema House this winter, places an emphasis on the collaboration process within a studio style video production model. Introducing the functions of key department heads that shape directorial visions, each student will inhabit these roles as they collaborate on their peers’ projects. Each participant will… Learn More

Writers Workshop: Building a Writer’s Website (Part 1)

Curated by teaching artist and Rebuild volunteer, Jo McEntee, the Writers Workshop is structured to nurture individual growth and foster collaborative projects.  2017  will focus on evolving writers into published authors. To accomplish that goal, the workshop format has changed from all readings and critiques to incorporate topics in the writing/publishing process.

Mapping Cinema in the City

Where do you go to the movies? Why do you go there? Does your venue of choice change depending on the type of screening? Black Cinema House, in conjunction with UChicago’s  “Chicago Film Cultures” course, led by Jacqueline Stewart, hosts an event dedicated to discussing the history and significance of cinematic spaces in Chicago. Join… Learn More

Choir Rehearsal

Explore new ways of constructing music and performing for live audiences at Choir Rehearsal. Choir members will be asked to do things that are slightly unorthodox relative to other gospel or community choirs. Under the leadership of Theaster Gates, Yaw Agyeman and Mikel Patrick Avery, this Choir promises to create new ways of considering black… Learn More


In partnership with the Human Rights Watch Chicago 2017 Film Series, Black Cinema House is pleased to present KIKI – a film by Sara Jordenö and Twiggy Pucci Garcon. Through a strikingly intimate and visually daring lens, Kiki offers a riveting, complex insight into a safe space created and governed by LGBTQ youths of color,… Learn More

Love Jones

“Before LOVE JONES, black romance on the big screen was hard to come by. Sure, MAHOGANY had paved the way, but that was in 1975. Since then, most of the movies featuring black people were about ‘hood life: poverty, gangs, drugs and guns. Someone was always dying by the time the credits rolled. Then, in… Learn More

Hyphen-Labs: NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism

Hyphen-Labs is an international collective of women artists, designers, engineers, game-builders, and writers known for works that merge art, technology, and science. Their latest project, the multiplatform NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism uses video, virtual reality, and medical imaging to explore Black women’s contributions to science while raising issues of identity and perception. Set in a future “neurocosmetology… Learn More