Space is the Place & The Last Angel of History

Space Is the Place Science fiction, blaxploitation, cosmic free-jazz and radical race politics combine when Sun Ra returns to earth in his music-powered space ship to battle for the future of the black race and offer an ‘alter-destiny’ to those who would join him. Intentionally created as an homage to the low-budget science fiction films… Learn More

Get Your Life (Session 3)

This free workshop series presented by BlackGirlInOm is for anyone who agrees it’s time to “get your life.” Together, we’ll each set a 10-year vision and the goals to support that vision. As a community, we’ll nurture each other’s visions and grow toward brighter, more meaningful futures. BlackGirlInOm promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for… Learn More

Brothers Hypnotic

The eight young men who make up the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are all sons of Phil Cohran, a legendary Chicago trumpeter who turned his back on commercial music to pursue astral jazz (with the “cosmic philosopher” of jazz, Sun Ra), proto-funk, and a passionately Afrocentric lifestyle. Cohran’s ultimate avant-garde work, however, may have been his… Learn More

Work on the Sabbath

Yaw Agyeman’s residency with Rebuild Foundation continues. During Yaw’s time with Rebuild, he activated the Listening House and Dr. Wax record collections by reflecting on his musical journey. Yaw describes his research as an attempt to locate his “musical self by listening to my father’s records.” Yaw thinks about the act of listening as a… Learn More

The Divine Feminine

Yemoja. Isis. Gaia. Virgen de Guadalupe. The supreme deity that is primordial, primal, and fosters rebirth despite our denial of her existence. Curated by artist Rashayla Marie Brown, The Divine Feminine will elevate the video and performance-based works of emerging artists that explore the feminine body of color as a site of potential liberation and… Learn More

Soul Healing Yoga

Soul Healing Yoga™ with Stacy Patrice is a superpowered yoga dose with a pulse… Stacy Patrice leads intimate, soul-centered yoga sessions, blending an educational lifestyle practice with experiential discovery and community play for adults who often handle life with few breathing spaces. Each Soul Healing Yoga™ session is a mind.body.soul experience for yoga newbies, dreamers,… Learn More

Lost Boundaries

Scott Carter (Mel Ferrer) is an African-American doctor who is eager to serve his community by working at a black hospital. However, he encounters unexpected opposition when his light skin color results in him being mistaken for a white man. At the urging of his in-laws, Carter and his similarly pale wife, Marcia (Beatrice Pearson),… Learn More

Chi-Voices: A Poetic Film Series

Chi-Voices: A Poetic Film Series uses the stories of six spoken word artists to address youth violence in the Chicagoland area. The film’s goal is to discuss socioeconomic issues, gang violence, and the emotional distress negatively impacting different communities throughout the city. This program was made possible by sponsor and project manager BRIJ Fund, L3C,… Learn More