Spotlight Africa: Meet the Filmmakers

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet filmmakers visiting the Chicago International Film Festival as part of their Spotlight Africa program!Join us as we welcome filmmakers ALEX PITSTRA, JOAO VIANA and MOSCO KAMWENDO for a panel discussion and reception at Black Cinema House. All three directors are featured in the Spotlight: Africa program of the Chicago… Learn More

Top of the Heap

The story of a black policeman whose tenuous grip on reality is threatened by the pressures of institutional racism, Top of the Heap challenges one-dimensional characterizations of black characters and flouts mainstream storytelling tropes: some characters sing their dialogue, and the main character’s barely repressed rage manifests as psychedelic, sometimes hyper-sexualized fantasy sequences in which… Learn More

Remembering Maarten Van Severen

An event devoted to the life and work of Maarten Van Severen, the late, great Belgian furniture designer. His life cut short by cancer at the age of 48, Van severen left behind an extraordinary collection of furniture and several important architectural projects. Van Severen devoted himself to the rigorous exploration of basic furniture typologies… Learn More