African Art Dispersed

In response to interest from Chicago’s own Diasporal Rhythms, the Chicago Film Archives and the Black Cinema House present two films that explore past roots and pathways of black art. Diasporal Rhythms promotes and collects the works of contemporary visual artists of African descent. The folks at Diasporal Rhythms chose these two films from CFA’s… Learn More

Lee Bey Introduces “Design Wars”

When the city of Chicago decided to build the largest public library in the United States, five teams of top architects and developers competed for the job. The instructions were to make it distinguished, make it work, make it on time, and make it for $140 million. The NOVA program Design Wars (1989, 50 min.,… Learn More

The Black Cinema Is… “De Cierta Manera”

De Cierta Manera (One Way or Another), Sara Gómez’s only feature film, was the first Cuban film made by a woman, and one of the few made by an Afro-Cuban director. Nominally the story of lovers from different class and cultural backgrounds, it’s much more than such a simple logline could encompass. According to Light… Learn More