Youth-Made Documentaries

We are proud to partner with two organizations dedicated to giving youth a voice through media production. These short-form videos and documentaries were made by west side youth enrolled in classes offered by the Better Boys Foundation and Free Spirit Media. The student projects focus on social issues and people of the Lawndale and Austin communities.
The Films

Moon’s (2011, 6 min.)
Angelo Williams, Better Boys Foundation YouthLAB
This short employs tactics and styles of observational cinema to create a portrait of Chicago’s West Side restaurant Moon’s (est. 1933). Nestled between what was once Black Panther Headquarters and Fred Hampton’s private residence, Moon’s has absorbed its share of Chicago’s West Side history. Inspired by Tom Palazzolo’s Jerry’s Deli, filmmaker Angelo Williams presents the character and soul of a place that may have seen more than it’s telling.

Deconstructing Black Males in Dance (2012, 8 min.)
Rashaun Mayberry, Free Spirit Media
This short documentary explores the stereotype of black males and their masculinity. Society has created an image that black males have to be hard, dominant and, aggressive. This film explores the stereotypes that affect black male dancers and glorifies the ones who are breaking or have broken these stereotypes.

Mainstream Media, I’ve Got My Eyes on You (2012, 8 min.)
Dyamond Houston, Free Spirit Media
A personal documentary devoted to changing the negative things in mainstream media.

Proletarian (2011, 7 min.)
Kia Clair, Better Boys Foundation YouthLAB
Mixing archival footage of Fred Hampton (Chairman of the Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party) and a recent interview with Fred Hampton Jr., filmmaker Kia Clair investigates the concept of “legacy.”

Finding a Balance: The Road to Green Technology (2012, 10 min.)
Fletcher O’Neal, Free Spirit Media
This doc aims to encourage people to drive less, use fewer cars, sign up for car sharing programs, or try moving toward cars that don’t waste fossil fuels, like hybrids, electric cars, and biodiesel vehicles.

Beautiful Chicago: Behind the Scenes (2012, 9 min.)
Terika Hill, Free Spirit Media
Beautiful Chicago: Behind the Scenes is a documentary that was created to open the eyes of Chicagoans to the fact that city is facing record budget deficits. Chicagoans in various fields provide their perspectives of Chicago debt 2012.

Hard Work (2012, 2 min.)
Monique Morgan & Boshea Brown, Better Boys Foundation YouthLAB
Students have an introspective interview with west side resident Mr. Billy Brooks.

The Children Are Our Future (2012, 10 min.)
Tytianna Powell, Free Spirit Media
Children Are Our Future is a documentary about child development and how surroundings play a key role in healthy child development.

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