Work on the Sabbath presents Kiara Lanier


Work on the Sabbath presents The QiQi teatime cabaret with Kiara Lanier

The QiQi is a teatime cabaret that blends a concert of soul experimental music, site specific performance art, and holistic health for a contemporary and immersive experience at a dinner table. While enjoying a hand blended flight of herbal medicinal teas, desserts and elixirs, the audience selects which acts from the menu to be performed, making each experience unique and one of a kind. Each performance is dedicated to growing the public’s education of wellness and holistic health through immersive entertainment.

In this Summer series each showcase is dedicated to highlighting the functions of the body’s major organs and their nutritional needs through the lens of abstracted personal narrative and Afro Futurism.

Resident DJ for Work on the Sabbath is Mister JayToo. Work on the Sabbath seeks to create an experience of healing and community through the practice of listening and space sharing.