Viewpoints of Black Diaspora Architects screening in conjunction with Self + Otherness: Fall Filmmaking Workshop

Viewpoints of Black Diaspora Architects_Carolyn Armenta Davis

Carolyn Armenta Davis, Hon. AIA, will present and discuss Viewpoints of Black Diaspora Architects, a film she produced in 1993 (color, 30 minutes). This historic documentary presents designs and reflections from 8 Design Diaspora exhibition architects from USA, Europe, and Africa. The film captures diverse viewpoints of Architects of African heritage on major professional changes, tropical architecture, designing for women and children urbanism, Diaspora collaborations, and personal challenges, achievements, and legacies and given.

Carolyn Armenta Davis, Hon. AIA, is an international architectural historian, lecturer, writer, and curator focusing on contemporary African American, Afro-Latino, Afro-European and African architects. She is an award-winning broadcast writer-producer, an entrepreneur and world traveler.

Led by artist Marco G. Ferrari, Self + Otherness, is a series of free studio based film and video workshops that focuses on the production of moving image based work, exploring how time and space are used as materials to create form and inspire content in 16mm film, digital video and photography.