Three The Hard Way


Three The Hard WayGordon Parks, Jr., 1974, 93 min.

Three The Hard Way is considered one of the classic action movies of the blaxploitation genre. Directed by the acclaimed Gordon Parks Jr., the film stars the three biggest black action stars of the era; Jim Brown as record producer Jimmy Lait, Fred Williamson as entrepreneur Jagger Daniels, and Jim Kelly as martial arts master Mister Keyes.

Letting their fists do all the talking, the hard-nosed trio takes on a neofascist organization. It is the avowed purpose of this all-white hate group to “cleanse” Los Angeles, Detroit and Washington DC of all blacks. To do this, they plan to poison the drinking water with a secret formula that affects only African Americans. The only obstacles that stand in the way of this dastardly plan are Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, and Jim Kelly, who shoot, kick, and karate chop their way to final victory.

Presented by film critic and Black Cinema House Programming Advisory Committee member, Sergio Mims.

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