The Things We Do When We’re Alone


In the words of writer/ director Chanel James, “The Things We Do When We’re Alone” is about “crestfallen punk fan, Cassidy lives and breathes by the songs of her favorite band Slim Hitter. When a rare opportunity arises to see them play in her hometown, she plans an impromptu weekend back down to reconnect with her best friend, Elena. On a mission, Elena plans a few surprises in hopes to cure her friend’s depression. “The Things We Do When We’re Alone” is a refreshingly subtle coming-of-age anthem that celebrates the relationship between music and mental health, and the lifeline of friendship. ”

Also the producer and editor of the film, James hails from from Smyrna, Ga and has a BFA in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta. She started her production company, Dinosaur Hawk Films. She has produced short films The White Room, Dear Dirty, and she wrote, produced, and directed her first original short Lie Awake in 2011. The Things We Do When We’re Alone is her debut feature film.

Join us for this screening and stay after for a discussion about the film. Held at the DA+HC (1456 E. 70th St, it’s free – no RSVP required!