The House on Coco Road


The latest release from Ava DuVernay’s distribution collective, Array. Set amidst the Grenada Revolution, The House on Coco Road documents one family’s flight from racial tensions in 1980’s Oakland, California, only to find themselves settled directly in the path of a U.S. military invasion. Featuring interviews with life-long social justice activists Angela Davis, Fania Davis and Fannie Haughton, Baker’s cinematic journey into the heart of women-led political movements and his mother’s pursuit of liberty for her children at all costs is immensely inspiring.

“A fascinating and under-reported chapter in the never-ending struggle for justice on behalf of black men and women worldwide, as well as a scalding appraisal of Reagan-era racial attitudes at home and abroad.” – LA Times

Hosted by Quenna Lené Barrett, Education Programs Manager, University of Chicago’s Arts + Public Life.

(Damani Baker, 2016, 78 min)