The Curators of Dixon School

The Curators of Dixon School is a feature-length documentary that shows the power of art in a public school and the school’s predominantly African-American community. Public schools donʼt have to be a minefield of metal detectors, minimal expectations and mind-numbing routine. An alternative exists in Chicago at Dixon Elementary Public School, where enlightened educators have implemented the idea that art should be an integral part of the learning environment. Here, art is more than pretty pictures on the walls. It is part of the everyday lesson plan for the children and the adults in their lives. Directed by Pamela Sherrod Anderson (2012, DVD, 80 mins).
Speakers: Guest speakers will include the film’s director, Pamela Sherrod Anderson; the art collection founder, Joan Dameron Crisler; one of the artists whose work is in the collection; and one of the students from the school.