The Cool World


Shirley Clarke, 1963, 125 min.
Shirley Clarke’s groundbreaking films, The Connection (1961), The Cool World (1964), and Portrait of Jason (1967) are New York time capsules that seem as radical today as when they first appeared. The first fiction film to be shot entirely on location in Harlem, The Cool World was based on a novel by Warren Miller adapted for the screen by Clarke’s frequent collaborator Carl Lee. It stars Hampton Clanton as an African-American teenager who, heartbreakingly, gets caught up in a culture of gangs and guns. The film is as much as document of uptown street life just before the period of Black Power as it is an early landmark in the history of American neo-realism. (Amy Taubin)

Screened in 16mm!

Presented in conjunction with the Art Institute of Chicago exhibition, The City Lost & Found: Capturing New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, 1960–1980

Black Cinema House
7200 S. Kimbark Ave.