The Black Cinema Is… “De Cierta Manera”


De Cierta Manera (One Way or Another), Sara Gómez’s only feature film, was the first Cuban film made by a woman, and one of the few made by an Afro-Cuban director. Nominally the story of lovers from different class and cultural backgrounds, it’s much more than such a simple logline could encompass. According to Light Industry, “The film stands on its own as a dramatic rethinking of cinematic form and purpose, radical even by contemporaneous Cuban standards. To achieve her complex portrait of still-marginalized communities—former slum-dwellers, now working under the Revolution, who cling to regressive aspects of machismo and mysticism—Gómez shifts between a variety of narrative modes, attacking the ongoing problems of the revolutionary project through historical analysis, street-level documentary, and a fictionalized love story.”
Join critic, journalist, educator, and curator Gabe Klinger for a discussion of this rare and unique work. Klinger has contributed to Sight & Sound, Film Comment, and Cinema Scope, taught film history and aesthetics at University of Illinois and Columbia College, and curated film events for institutions around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

De Cierta Manera (Cuba, 1977, 78 min., DVD projection)

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