The Black Cinema Is… AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2 and Ronn Pitts


Ronn Pitts, pioneering filmmaker and professor at Columbia College, presents:
“Tell Us What You Been Through”: American Revolution 2 and Observations of a Life in Film

Join us for the second installment of the monthly series “The Black Cinema Is…” This month, pioneering African American filmmaker Ronn Pitts will introduce the 1969 documentary American Revolution 2, about the aftermath of the police riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, focusing on an unlikely alliance between the Black Panther Party and a white group called the Young Patriots. After the film, Pitts will discuss his life in film.

Pitts has worked as a documentary filmmaker for 57 years. He was the first black filmmaker in Chicago to break the color line, and the first black teacher at Columbia College, where he still teaches and which has a scholarship in his honor. His footage has appeared in such films as The Murder of Fred Hampton, Lord Thing, and American Revolution 2.”

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