Taking Control of the Narrative: Shorts + conversation with Pemon Rami, David Weathersby and Abe Thompson

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An evening of shorts and conversation with Chicago filmmakers, presented in partnership with It’s A Short, an online platform for award winning/award nominated short film, video and web series.

The Negro Entertainer (Pemon Rami, 2014, 6 min)
Is black face really necessary? An actor comes to terms with his true expression.

The Joan Dameron Crisler (David Weathersby, 2015, 20 min)
Documentary/tribute to Joan Dameron Crisler, principal of Dixon Elementary School about the value of art as a key tool of education.

First Date (Kristen V Carter, 2013, 8 min)
Bridging family gaps – it’s really hard but necessary to move forward.

Mixed Up (Ian Lassiter and Jeff Glaser, 2014, 14 min)
What is and how do we define identity, genetics?

Christine Boulware, discussion moderator and curator of this program, is CEO and founder of itsashort.com.

David Weathersby is a filmmaker/videographer and the founder of City Vanguard, an arts organization that helps independent filmmakers create community-based documentaries for educational and cultural institutions.

Pemon Rami has been involved in the development of television, films, music concerts, documentaries, plays and multimedia productions.

Abe Thompson is a Chicago film and music producer who has enjoyed much success film, television and radio in the communications industry.  His experience includes working with Oprah, Judge Greg Mathis and TV host Steve Harvey.