Summer Outfoor Screening with CFA: ALberta Hunter Blues at the Cookery

This summer Black Cinema House is pleased to continue the tradition of collaborating with Chicago Film Archives for an outdoor film series in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. On Friday June 12th, Friday July 10th, and Friday August 14th we will be presenting outdoor film programs on the corner of S. Kimbark and E. 72nd Place. Each program will showcase a rare documentary film, preceded by two children’s short films that are based in African folktales. This is a family friendly program.

Alberta Hunter Blues at the Cookery (1982, 42 min, digital video)

At 87, Alberta Hunter still performs regularly at New York’s The Cookery. In between numbers, she reminisces about a life which included stints with Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller and Sidney Bechet and more recently, a 20-year stint as a hospital nurse before returning to her singing career at 82.

Children’s shorts (African folktales)

Anansi the Spider (1974, 7 min, digital video)

A West African folktale about a spider who is presented with a dilemma when each of his six sons saves his life and he must determine which one he should reward.

Children of Wax: A Folktale from Zimbabwe (1988, 6 min, digital video)

A folktale from Africa. Five children made of wax can only go outside in the cool of darkness, but one child is determined to see the world by day.

Chicago Film Archives is a regional film archive dedicated to identifying, collecting, preserving and providing access to films that represent the Midwest. Their purpose is to serve institutions and filmmakers of this region and elsewhere by establishing a repository for institutional and private film collections; serve a variety of cultural, academic and artistic communities by making the films available locally, nationally, and internationally for exhibition, research, and production; and serve our culture by restoring and preserving films that are rare or not in existence elsewhere.