Screenwriting with Shahari (CLASS FULL)


Starting November 11th, the Stony Island Arts Bank is proud to feature “Screenwriting with Shahari,”* a free six-week screenwriting course taught by Shahari Moore. Graduating with an MFA from Chicago State University, Shahari is an award winning writer/director, who’s “B Love” and “Swimmin’ Lesson” have both been screened nationally and internationally, including at the Black Harvest Film Festival and Cannes International Film Festival. Additionally, she has led workshops at University of Southern California, Chicago State University and the Chicago Writers Studio. A true product of the Southside Chicago, Shahari takes pride in catering her craft to serve the community from which she came.

In this course, a freshman class of budding screenwriters will learn how to write loglines, treatments, craft characters, and develop dialogue that will make their stories come to life! This course will meet every Saturday 2pm to 3:30pm starting November 11th, with breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively.

COURSE MATERIALS NEEDED: please bring a laptop if you have one! Available desktops are limited. Also, the free screenwriting software CELTX is required.