Reading the Black Library: Daniel Black


Award-winning author Daniel Black will read from and sign copies of his recent masterwork, THE COMING. This book, hailed by critics as “brilliant”, “poetic”, “hypnotizing”, and “lyrical”, tells the story of a people’s capture and sojourn from their homeland to a nation far across the sea. Its first person narration chronicles the unimaginable trauma of the Middle Passage and the astonishing creativity of its survivors. These African people suffer and die by the thousands along the voyage, but they also construct ways to live.

The captives find comrades in one another and ingeniously create music from their means of bondage. In the New World, they are separated and sold, one by one, as they struggle to comprehend the translation of human flesh into monetary value. Extreme conditions produce extraordinary insight, and only after being stripped of everything do they discover unspeakable beauty and power, once taken for granted.

A mature narrator assures there are no heroes. There is only a story of a holocaust that should never have happened. But it did. And its survivors learn, on both land and sea, that no tragedy, no physical displacement, no brutality can ever erase the dream of freedom rumbling in the human soul.

Along with being a renown novelist, Dr. Black is a full-time professor of African American Studies at Clark Atlanta University and is the founder of the Ndugu – Nzinga rites of passage nation. The author will discuss the makings of THE COMING, including the painstaking research necessary for its creation. This and his other novels will be available for purchase.