Black Cinema House will feature multimedia artists Nic Kay, Ester Alegria, Amina Ross and Ireashia Monét for viewings and discussions centered around explorations of the self via performance and the moving image. Join us as we delve into each intimate journey while thinking critically of the relationship between mind, body, space, the recording eye and the viewer.

Nic Kay creates and organizes performative spaces that explore movement as a place of reclamation of the body, history and spirituality. Get Well Soon! is an upcoming performance, due for the Winter of 2018. As described by the artist, “Get Well Soon is a project / meditation based on a loose and often used phrase indicating a hope of recovery. GWS is an interruption, a memorial, a wake, and a meditation on reparations.”

Ester Alegria is an interdisciplinary artist/astrological and spiritual therapist focusing their efforts to heal trauma induced by global colonization, supporting, and creating environments conducive to self-sustainable mental health. AMBIVERT. “is a meditation in manic visuals and ethereal sounds. Transmuting energy from chronic pain, anxiety, and lethargy into thrusting sexual freedom, joy, anger, empathy for self and communities of color.“

Amina Ross is a creator and educator. Amina is undisciplined. They work across mediums, shaping spaces that honor darkness and love. The works featured will begin with If Today Never Gives Up In Me and ending with two excerpts from Eclipsing (Body) and Let’s Make Ourselves Vulnerable/Impenetrable Body.

Ireashia Monét is a photographer, artist, filmmaker, and journalist. Grandma’s Wisdom “examines the complexity of motherhood, black femininity, and an intrinsic fight toward liberation.” Reimagining Blackness and Ancestry, in collaboration with Viktor Le, “showcases the spiritual intricacies involved in retracing our roots in order to understand our rich existence.”

Disclaimer: Some of the works feature mature language and nudity.