Panther (R)


Directed by Mario Van Peebles (son of actor and filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles) and based on the novel by his father, Panther is the first narrative feature film to depict the Black Panther Party. In Panther, Peebles illustrates the rise and fall of the 1960’s black radical movement through the lens of Vietnam vet Judge (Kadeem Hardison) whom returns to his hometown of Oakland to find it beset by violence and police discrimination against the Black community.

In cohesion with the ICONIC: Black Panther exhibition, Arts Bank Cinema will be hosting a two-month exploration of Black Panther Party cinema and footage of the era. Film screening will begin exactly at 7:45pm. A discussion about the Black Panther Party will follow after the film.

This is a free event. RSVP Recommended!