Pan-African Festival of Algiers (NR)


This little known masterpiece of a documentary by the photographer, painter and graphic artist William Klein plunges us into the very heart of the 1st Pan-African Cultural Festival held in Algeria in 1969. This historic festival brought a global spotlight on African culture and arts, celebrating the liberation of African nations from colonial rule and calling for the same freedom for the rest of the continent. William Klein’s film captures the sense of jubilation of the moment and provides historical context for understanding a continent united in its desire for freedom. The spirit of the documentary is: “African culture will be revolutionary, or it will not be”.

Mars D. Silver is a filmmaker and writer. Born and based out of Chicago, IL, he currently works at Rebuild Foundation as a Programmer and Coordinator of Black Cinema House.

(This film is apart of the TRICONTINENTAL ’66 and OTHER ACTS OF LIBERATION Exhibition in collaboration w/ HotHouse)