Black Cinema House Presents: Oscar Brown Jr. Archives

Oscar Brown Jr

Black Cinema House will feature archival footage and home movies of Oscar Brown Jr., hosted by his daughter Maggie Brown.

Oscar Brown Jr was a renowned civil rights activist, playwright, singer/songwriter, playwright, poet, and actor. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, his first break as an actor was on a radio show called Secret City. His musical work, along with plays centered on the Black identity and Black freedom movement – such as songs “Watermelon Man” and “Work Song”, or plays like “Kicks and Co.”, about a Black college in the south during attempts of desegregation. Brown’s unapologetic commitment to telling Black stories was often met with complication in getting funding to produce his projects. His diligence and talent still garnered accolades from peers and critics. 

Join us in celebration with this special screening and discussion about his legendary work and its themes.