Mapping Cinema in the City

Cinema Event

Where do you go to the movies? Why do you go there? Does your venue of choice change depending on the type of screening? Black Cinema House, in conjunction with UChicago’s  “Chicago Film Cultures” course, led by Jacqueline Stewart, hosts an event dedicated to discussing the history and significance of cinematic spaces in Chicago. Join us to view miniature, multi-media screening projections of significant Chicago films, and get ready to share your stories with your fellow Chicagoans, film fanatics, and more! Feel free to bring old ticket stubs or any other memorabilia of your movie-going experience that you want to add to an interactive map of Chicago cinemas.

Panel discussion will include Alissa Starks (founder, Inner City Entertainment), Gordon Quinn (Kartemquin Films), Raul Benitez (Nightingale Cinema), and Nando Espinosa (Comfort Station).

So come show us where you like to go to the movies and tell us why! We want to hear about your movie-going experiences! #chicagofilmcultures