Love Jones


“Before LOVE JONES, black romance on the big screen was hard to come by. Sure, MAHOGANY had paved the way, but that was in 1975. Since then, most of the movies featuring black people were about ‘hood life: poverty, gangs, drugs and guns. Someone was always dying by the time the credits rolled. Then, in 1997, came a simple movie about the love lives of black artists in Chicago. Starring Larenz Tate and Nia Long, writer-director Ted Witcher’s debut film followed the rise and fall, and rise again, of a relationship between a young poet named Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley, a photographer. Set in the city’s spoken-word scene, LOVE JONES showcased a different aspect of Black life, one where struggle and strife did not dictate one’s circumstances, where one’s group of friends, played by Isaiah Washington, Lisa Nicole Carson, Bill Bellamy and Leonard Roberts, were more like family.” – LA Times

On LOVE JONES’ 20th anniversary, which saw the film honored at last month’s American Black Film Festival Awards, join Black Cinema House for a celebration of this Chicago-based classic with a screening and conversation.