“Last Soul on a Summer Night” in Chicago Heights


The Black Cinema House is proud to present a screening of Daniel Nearing’s film Last Soul on a Summer Night (original title Chicago Heights) at the Chicago Heights Public Library. Since the film is set in Chicago Heights, it’s only appropriate that it finally comes home. Nearing and some of his collaborators will be present to discuss the film.
Where: Chicago Heights Public Library, 25 W. 15th Street, Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Price: Free

It’s a peerless adaptation of a beloved book that heretofore had the reputation of being unadaptable: Sherwood Anderson’s 1919 novel Winesburg, Ohio. Nearing and his crew modernized the setting and cast it with all black actors, creating a unique and surprisingly effective film that takes what makes Anderson’s novel so great and makes it work on screen, a feat that few adaptations can manage. File under: unmissable.