In this revealing African comedy-drama that contrasts the hectic life in Accra, the capital of Ghana, with the relative peace of Kukurantumi, a rural town, a truck driver makes runs between the two locations with few problems until he is forced to replace his truck. In order to raise the money to get a new vehicle, he sells some stolen watches and promises his daughter in marriage to a rich merchant. Rebelling against this fate, the daughter runs off to Accra with her boyfriend — but then nothing turns out quite like she had planned, and the rich merchant looks better with each passing day.
Presented as part of the Return of Blacklight Cinema series, which shows highlights from the Blacklight Film Festival, which started at Chicago Filmmakers in 1982 and ran at various locations through 1996. Floyd Webb, Blacklight’s founder and programmer, will join us to reminisce about the films and the festival. This series is co-presented with Chicago Filmmakers.

King Ampaw, Ghana, 1983, 85 min.

Black Cinema House
6901 S. Dorchester Ave.