Have You Heard from Johannesburg? Screening and Panel


When South Africa’s ruling whites brutally suppress a youth uprising in Soweto and murder resistance leader Steven Biko in 1977, young people in the West join a growing international movement to sanction and isolate South Africa. Have You Heard from Johannesburg? The Next Generation (Connie Field, 2010, 59 min) explores the moment western governments refuse to heed the call for boycotts, and young citizens of those western nations help turn the tide against apartheid.

Have You Heard from Johannesburg? is a 5-part series chronicling the unprecedented international movement of citizen activists who fought for three decades to bring down the brutal, racist system of apartheid in South Africa when their governments would not. This episode of the series is presented in partnership with Public Allies Chicago.

Followed by a panel discussion moderated by Darlene Oliver, executive director, Public Allies Chicago, and featuring several members of the first class of UChicago’s Civic Leadership Academy who traveled together to Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa this summer:

Randall Blakey, executive director, Near North Unity Program and executive pastor, Lasalle Street Church;

Andrea Ortez, community organizer and program director, Southwest Organizing Project;

Katherine Shank, supervisory attorney, Legal Assistance Foundation; and

Nina Longino, managing director, Woodlawn Children’s Promise Community.