Got The Love + On The Frontline: REEL Black Filmmakers Short Film Series

Got The Love Poster 1

Community Film Workshop and Black Cinema House present the REEL BLACK FILMMAKERS short film series, featuring Chicago films GOT THE LOVE (David Weathersby) and ON THE FRONTLINE (Derek Grace), followed by conversation with both filmmakers.

GOT THE LOVE examines the work of independent soul musicians in Chicago as they face a changing commercial and cultural world. Told from the perspective of multiple generations, the documentary chronicles the current state of what we call soul music as well as its past.

Individual stories torn from the streets of Chicago make up ON THE FRONTLINE, a harrowing but profoundly hopeful investigation of gun violence and its aftermath. Bereft fathers and mothers, reformed gang members, fearful high school students, clergy, including activist Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger, and a young man who thought about the consequences one bullet too late, stand up with scores of other ordinary citizens to reclaim their homes, streets and schools.