THE DOVETAIL SERIES: Spektral + Mikel Patrick Avery


The Spektral Quartet propels its new Dovetail Series into the 2017/18 season with a stimulating exploration of environmental sound alongside multi-faceted artist Mikel Patrick Avery. For this collaboratively devised experience, all five musicians will work together to uncover the unique resonating frequency to which the Stony Island Arts Bank is naturally tuned – all enclosed spaces feature one – and then create an improvisation around this sonic nucleus. While all live performance is inherently one-of-a-kind, in this case, the resulting music is inextricably linked to the specific performance space.

For its solo set, Spektral Quartet goes high-contrast with selections from Chicago Symphony Orchestra Mead Composer-in-Residence Samuel Adams, and the astonishing first quartet of Johannes Brahms. Presented with the Stony Island Arts Bank’s lush acoustic very much in mind, Adams’s Quartet Movement channels snippets of Schubert, slipping into and out of silence by way of white noise and sine tones piped through snare drums. The experience is transfixing, and a compelling foil to the dark and stormy night that is Brahms’s String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, excerpted for this portion of the evening.

A musician highly regarded for his imaginative compositions and use of unconventional instruments, Mikel Patrick Avery will perform a solo set utilizing a variety of vibrating drums, children’s toys, and electronics creating layers of sound while displaying images from his recent photo book SPARE.

The DOVETAIL SERIES is a musical dialogue between Chicago’s north and south sides, a collision and collusion of cultures in partnership with Rebuild Foundation. Created as an artistic exchange, the series features Spektral and Rebuild-affiliated artists trading solo sets before daring to leap into unknown territory–devising a collaborative final set that combines the exceptional elements of both traditions.

*The Dovetail Series is made possible with the generous support of the Paul M. Angell Foundation

* All DOVETAIL concerts are FREE and open to the public