Chronicles of the Summer

Chronicles of the Summer (2015 work in progress, 30 mins, DVD) is an observational documentary that follows three girls during the course of the summer, as they learn lessons that may shape them forever. Although the girls are in elementary school, the effects of the summer can be life long. The first installment of Childhood in South Shore explores what happens when children are out of school and their parents are challenged with finding safe and educational activities for them to do.
Ife Olatunji is a visual anthropologist specializing in observational cinema and ethnographic methods with children. Ife completed her undergraduate studies in Anthropology, Photography and African American History at Syracuse University. Ife won a New York International Film and Video Fest Best Documentary Award for her film ‘Fidel: A Hip Hop Activist’. She attended The University of Manchester and studied methods in observational cinema and sensory media for visual anthropology. During this time she produced 3 short films on life for girls and women of Asian and African decent in Manchester, Muslim wedding traditions, and daily life for girls attending school in Pushkar, Rajasthan India. Ife’s film, ‘Lessons from the Tiger’ on life for girls in India, has been in several international ethnographic film festivals including Culture Unplugged and Athens EthnoFest. She has been a media educator and child ethnographer for Facets Multi-Media International Children’s Film Fest for 3 years in Chicago, IL, and has been developing methods for conducting child ethnography and cinema for more than 5 years as a professional anthropologist.