CFA Crashers: Lavon Nicole Pettis

This May Chicago Film Archives re-introduces their guest programmer series, CFA CRASHERS, at various locations around town. For the series CFA has invited some of their favorite locals into their vault to curate a film program all their own (absolutely no rules or strings attached). The general motivation behind the series remains the same: to have a lot of different communities and voices engaging with CFA’s materials. All films will be presented in 16mm.
This May they have invited Lavon Nicole Pettis to dig through the archives. Lavon is a Creative Business Development Specialist who blends her background of Psychology and Sociology into the world of creative professionals such as fine artists, writers, actors, and cultural arts musicians. It is her goal to connect artists to galleries, critics, collectors and various communities in support of the artists’ work. She is especially keen on integrating music, storytelling, and cultural arts into the fields of education and community outreach.

Lavon chose the Black Cinema House to present her film selections, which include a documentary on acclaimed Chicago sculptor, Richard Hunt, as well as a documentary on inspiring poet, teacher, and Chicagoan, Gwendolyn Brooks. The program will end with a trailer of the upcoming documentary Chronicles of Summer: Childhood in South Shore by Chicago based filmmaker Ife Olatunji.

Films include:
RICHARD HUNT: SCULPTOR , 1970, Encyclopedia Britannica, 16mm., Color (slightly faded), Sound, 14 min.

CREATIVE PERSON: GWENDOLYN BROOKS, 1966, WTTW, 16mm., B&W, Sound, 29 min.

THE GAME, 1971, Wayne Williams (instructor: Jerry Aronson), 16mm., Color, Sound, 4 min.

Select HOME MOVIES from the Don McIllvaine Collection, 1970s, Don McIllvaine, Super 8mm., Color, Silent, approx 15 min.

Chronicles of Summer: Childhood in South Shore trailer, 2015, Ife Olatunji, digital projection, Color, Sound, 3 min.

For details, please visit the Chicago Film Archives webpage.