Black Cinema House presents Love Under Pressure


Black Cinema House will feature local filmmakers Chan C. Smith and Raphael Nash for a diverse program of discussions and screenings touching on police violence, white supremacy, and Black love.

Chan C. Smith is an accomplished independent filmmaker and freelance multimedia producer. They’re also a visual storyteller, interested in using cinema to address current social ails while also revolutionizing marketing for artists, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs.

FEAR (20 min)
Inspired by current events of police brutality and fatal police-involved shootings, FEAR follows the story of a young Black teen with aspirations, whose anger leads him to an unexpected fate.
FEAR was an official selection of the Black Harvest Film Festival.

Raphael Nash is a filmmaker as well as an educator. He is an adjunct professor teaching post production and cinema production for the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University.

Saturday Morning Supremacy (1 min)
A quick glance at how white hegemony can manifest in the most subtle of ways, particularly in advertising for children’s board games. In Nash’s words, “The curious thread between all 80’s board game commercials.”

Faux Pas (20 min)
A love affair between Cedric and his good friend Tiffany leads him to end his current relationship in pursuit of one with her. Unfortunately, she thinks they made a huge mistake.