Free Angela and All Political Prisoners!


Shola Lynch’s 2013 documentary tells the story of renown author, academic and activist Angela Davis, centering on the period in which her radical, social work implicated her in a botched kidnapping that ends with four people dead and her name on the FBI’s most-wanted list in 1970. The high stakes crime, political movement, and trial that catapulted 26 year-old newly appointed philosophy professor at the University of California at Los Angeles into a seventies revolutionary political icon. Nearly forty years later, and for the first time, Davis speaks frankly about the actions that branded her as a terrorist and simultaneously spurred a worldwide political movement for her freedom.  Told through past and contemporary interviews along with interviews of those involved, the film allows a more detailed, personal account and narrative of Angela Davis and of a time in which Black socio- political engagement challenged the American status quo.

Join us for this screening and stay after for discussion about the film’s themes. The event is free of charge, no RSVP required!