BCH@BING: Kevin Jerome Everson


Drop by BING Art Books to see three films by Kevin Jerome Everson that examine people, cars and communities in transition – Fifeville (2005, with Dr. Corey D.B. Walker), Company Line (2009), Regal Unlimited (2015) – as Black Cinema House kicks off a monthly series at this new space featuring moving image artists from the annual Black Artists Retreat.

Although Fifeville is set in Charlottesville, Virginia, it could be Any Black Community Experiencing Gentrification, USA. The film focuses on the details, gestures and material life of the citizens of Fifeville, as they communicate their understandings of the neighborhood’s changing landscape. (15 min)

In Company Line, a reflection on the Black Migration and changing communities, Everson returns to Mansfield, Ohio, where he was born and raised, inviting residents and city employees to narrate their families’ experiences of migrating from the South. (30 min)

Regal Unlimited is three Pontiacs and a Buick Regal becoming something entirely different. (3 min)

This is a week-long series of drop-in screenings from 6-7pm

image credit: courtesy the artist; Trilobite-Arts DAC; Picture Palace Pictures